Knot Ridges with Twists Stitch

This knitting tutorial will help you learn how to knit the knot ridges with twists

2 Color Feather and Fan Stitch

The 2 Color Feather and Fan Stitch is a color work variation of the classic

Flecked Tweed Stitch

The Flecked Tweed Stitch is a simple colorwork pattern that looks much more complicated than

Two Color Plaited Basketweave Stitch

The Two Color Plaited Basketweave is a criss crossed colorwork pattern with a woven texture.

Ridge Check Stitch

The ridge check stitch is a mosaic colorwork stitch. By pulling up a stitch of

Sliding Block Stitch

The sliding block stitch is a mosaic colorwork pattern that consists of columns of horizontal

Checked Rose Stitch

The checked rose stitch is a two colored stitch in the brioche family. It's a

Barred Stripes Stitch

The barred stripes is a simple and easy mosaic colorwork stitch that creates rows of

Color Seeded Pattern Stitch

The color seeded pattern is a mosaic colorwork stitch. It creates a fabric composed of

Ladder Lattice Stitch

The ladder lattice stitch is a mosaic style colorwork pattern. Using slipped stitches and two