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How to Bind Off in Pattern

Binding off in pattern is a technique often used when finishing a rib pattern. By

How to Pick Up and Knit Stitches

Picking up and knitting stitches is a useful skill for attaching collars, button bands, and

Cable Cast On

The Cable Cast On is a technique used to draw your cast on edge in

The Decrease Bind Off

The Decrease Bind Off is a method of finishing. This is one of the quickest

How to Knit I-Cord

The I-Cord is a unique technique for creating knitted tubes. They can be thin or

How to Knit the Tubular Bind Off

The tubular bind off is a sewn bind off which creates an invisible edge on

Crochet Cast On

The crochet cast on is a method for attaching your yarn to your knitting needle

The German Slip Stitch Selvedge Edge

The German Slip Stitch Selvedge is an edge stitch that gives a finished look to

How to Use a Lifeline

A lifeline is a piece of waste yarn that allows you to rip back your

How to Wind a Center Pull Ball of Yarn (By Hand)

Knitting from a center pull ball keeps your yarn from rolling everywhere as you work.