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How to Knit the Three Needle Bind Off

The three needle bind off is a technique for seaming together two pieces of fabric,

The Wrap and Turn Short Row Stitch

The wrap and turn short row is used to shape your work without using decreases

Alternating Cable Cast On

The Alternating Cable Cast On is a version of the Cable Cast On. The advantage

How to Graft Garter Stitch

Learn how to graft two pieces of garter stitch fabric together. The most common way

The 1×1 Rib Cast On

The 1x1 rib cast on is a way of starting a knitting project with ribbing.

Picot Cast On

The picot cast on is a method of beginning your project uses a decorative edge

The Keyhole Button Hole

The keyhole button hole is a technique to create a small button hole in your

How to Knit Backwards

Knitting backwards is knitting from the left to right (right to left for left handers)

The Reverse Garter Selvedge Edge

The reverse garter selvedge is an edge stitch that gives a finished look to your

The One Row Button Hole

The one row button hole technique creates a durable and firm knitted button hole that