Oyster Stitch

This knitting tutorial will help you learn how to knit the oyster stitch. The oyster

The Cupido Stitch

The Cupido Stitch uses slipped stitches over a garter stitch base to create a nice

Mutton Chop Cable

The mutton chop cable is a panel stitch made with a textured cable that looks

The Check Stitch

The Check Stitch pattern is a basic checker pattern that has a great texture. This

The Openwork Mullions Stitch

The openwork mullions stitch creates a textured checkered fabric. Made with a stranded technique, it's

The Rhombus Cable Stitch

The Rhombus Cable stitch is a subtle geometric cable pattern. It's unique look comes from

The Double Basketweave Stitch

The Double Basketweave Stitch is a really simple knit and purl stitch which creates an

Caterpillar Stitch

The caterpillar stitch is a simple knit and purl pattern that creates a fabric with

The Knotted Boxes Stitch

The knotted boxes is a heavily textured knitting fabric. It creates the illusion of smooth

Cocoon Stitch

The Cocoon Stitch creates a fascinating texture! Small textured cocoons are nested among waving ribs