The Front Loop Single Crochet (FLsc)

The Front Loop Single Crochet is a variation of the basic single crochet stitch. It

How to Cast on in the Middle of Your Work

There are a few times you will encounter in a pattern that you will need

The Crochet Slip Stitch (sl st)

The Slip Stitch is used for two main reasons; the less common reason can be

The Yarn Over (YO)

The Yarn Over is technically an increase, as it adds a stitch to your fabric.

The Front Post Double Crochet (FPdc)

The Front Post Double Crochet is a method for making texture on the right side

The Double Treble Crochet (dtr)

The Double Treble (or Triple) crochet is an elongated post stitch. Using the same principal

The Cable Four Back (C4B)

The Cable Four Back is a traditional cable stitch. All cable stitches are rearranging the

The Purl Bind Off

There are some excellent reasons to use the Purl Bind Off: When working in Stockinette

Keeping Track of Needle Size While Swatching

The Problem When starting a project, especially one that needs to fit, like a hat