The Crochet Slip Stitch (sl st)

About this Stitch Pattern

The Slip Stitch is used for two main reasons; the less common reason can be to move the starting point of your work without adding bulk, while a more common reason would be to connect your work into the round. One way to describe it would be the crochet equivalent of glue for your fabric. It’s an essential technique, but an easy one to master.

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Techniques Used In This Stitch Pattern

Stitch Pattern Details

Skill Level


Row Count

Stitch Repeat

Stitch Pattern Instructions

  • Step 1: Insert your hook into the fabric.
  • Step 2: Pull up a loop and bring it back through the fabric.
  • Step 3: Bring that same loop through the other loop on your hook. (1 st left on hook).

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Stitch Pattern Characteristics


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