Keeping Track of Needle Size While Swatching

The Problem

When starting a project, especially one that needs to fit, like a hat or a sweater, it’s a good idea to begin with a gauge swatch.

Typically, you will make a few different swatches, using a few different needle sizes. When using the same yarn for all of these swatches, it can be easy to forget which swatch corresponds to the needle size that it was made with.

The Solution

Instead of writing notes to be pinned or stapled to the swatches, we are going to pull a Madame Defarge and knit the information into the swatch itself so it can never be lost.

By putting in the number of eyelets into the edge of the swatch that correspond with the size of the needle, we can come up with an easy way to track what needles made the swatch.

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To Add The Eyelets

Once you have knit a few stitches into the swatch to form a border:

Eyelet Row: *yo, k2tog; repeat until number of yo holes matches size of needle (e.g. 5 holes for size 5 needles.)

If you don’t have enough room in your swatch to fit the number of eyelet holes you need, work three more rows in your swatch pattern and then add the additional eyelets in the next row.