Rick Rib Lace Stitch

The Rick Rib is a classic lace openwork stitch. It creates a mesh lattice with

Woven Cable Stitch

The Woven Cable Stitch pattern creates a tight, dense fabric with a woven basketweave look.

The Eyelet Lattice Insertion Stitch

The eyelet lattice insertion is a lace panel with a lattice weave. It uses simple

Extended Openwork Stitch

The Extended Open-Work Stitch is a beautiful combination of lace and cable. It is a

The King Charles Brocade Stitch

The King Charles Brocade is a classic knitting stitch pattern. This lace stitch consists of

Deep Waffle Stitch

The deep waffle stitch uses mock cables to create lattice pattern with heavy texture. The

Lazy Links Stitch

The lazy links stitch is a knitting pattern that creates an all-over lattice texture. By

Two-Tone Lattice Stitch

The two-tone lattice stitch is a mosaic colorwork pattern. Using slipped stitches and only one

Two Stitch Gather (k2tog f&b)

This knitting tutorial will help you learn how to knit the two stitch gather stitch.