Two Stitch Gather (k2tog f&b)


About this Stitch Pattern

This knitting tutorial will help you learn how to knit the two stitch gather stitch. This technique creates a unique pulled stitch. The two stitch gather stitch creates a nice lattice-like stitch if worked in rows.

[VIDEO] Stitch Pattern Tutorial

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Techniques Used In This Stitch Pattern

Knit 2 Together
k2tog tbl
Knit 2 Together Through the Back Loop
k2tog f&b
Knit 2 Together Front and Back- knit 2 sts tog, but do not take them off the left hand needle. Then knit the 2 sts again through the back loops.

Stitch Pattern Details

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Row Count

Stitch Repeat

Stitch Pattern Instructions

  • Step 1: K2tog, leave sts on needle
  • Step 2: Come back around to back side and insert needle into the back loop, K2tog tbl
  • Step 3: Remove both stitches from needle
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    22 thoughts on “Two Stitch Gather (k2tog f&b)

    1. Julie Rothwell says:

      Love the site, am subscribed and keep every single e mail.
      Usually I can follow the youTube vids, but this one has me stumped…..
      Do I repeat this on each consecutive row, or is the wrong side purl please?
      Many thanks,
      (Salisbury UK)

      • Johnny Vasquez says:

        This is just a demonstration of the gather stitch technique. We have technique videos and pattern videos. This is not a pattern video.

    2. Jean says:

      In the two st. Gather st. You do not say what you do on the other side do you do the same or do you purl in each st also is it possible to show us the wrong side I know sometimes it has it lower down the the page but not all the time like the gather st you are showing today thank you I always look forward to a new st a day Jeanbess

      • Johnny Vasquez says:

        This is a technique stitch, not a pattern stitch. we are only demonstrating the gather stitch technique, that’s why there is no wrong side photo.

    3. Rick Martin says:

      Just a question – does this need to be knit with an even number of stitches? And, if you want them offset (as you showed) do you need to do an odd number of stitches and then simply slip the first stitch of each row?

    4. Hilda Kemp says:

      Johnny, on the Two Stitch Gather Stitch, do you repeat these same stitiches on the wrong side also

      I really love and appreciate the videos.

    5. Dot Carpenter says:

      on the two stitch gather stitch, do you purl the 2nd row or continue with the same 1st and 2nd rows

    6. says:

      This is not a comment, but another question.

      Above, a question was asked about you offsetting the stitch to have the grid like pattern. How do you offset the stitch in using an even number of stitches? Do you slip the first stitch was the question asked above, however you did not respond to that part of the question. Don’t you have to do something with a single stitch in order to offset and do the technique shown above? Vera

      • Johnny Vasquez says:

        The pattern used in the video goes like this

        CO in multiples of 2

        Row 1: knit gather stitch across

        Row 2: purl

        Row 3: k1, knit gather stitch to last st, k1

        Row 4: purl

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