Twist Cable and Ladder Lace Stitch

The Twist Cable and Lace Ladder knitting stitch pattern combines garter stitch, basic cable twists,

Chevron Lace Stitch

The Chevron Lace Stitch pattern consists of rows of diagonal stitches, separated by small open

The Rose Garden Cable Stitch

The rose garden cable stitch is a simple cable pattern consisting of a central column,

The Scallop Pattern Stitch

The scallop pattern is a lace knitting stitch that creates a fabric with columns of

The Mosaic Stitch

The mosaic stitch is a simple knit and purl pattern that creates textured columns of

Floating Snake Cable Stitch

The floating snake cable stitch creates a fabric with delicate ribs, punctuated by vertical zig

The Purse Lace Stitch

The Purse Lace Stitch is a simple lace pattern with strong vertical lines. It is

Double Eyelet Rib Stitch

The double eyelet rib stitch is lace substitute for traditional ribbing. The wider ribbing makes

Russian Stitch

The Russian stitch is a mosaic colorwork pattern. It creates a fabric of zig zagging

Bead Stitch

The bead stitch is a lace knitting pattern with a unique texture. It creates an