The Check Stitch

The Check Stitch pattern is a basic checker pattern that has a great texture. This

The Openwork Mullions Stitch

The openwork mullions stitch creates a textured checkered fabric. Made with a stranded technique, it's

Ridge Check Stitch

The ridge check stitch is a mosaic colorwork stitch. By pulling up a stitch of

The Close Check Stitch

The Close Check Stitch is a simple pattern is great for beginners who want a

Checkerboard Stitch

This video knitting tutorial will help you learn how to knit the checkerboard stitch. This

Clever Blocks Stitch

The Clever Blocks Stitch is a unique crochet pattern which creates a multi colored checkered

Seeded Rib Check Stitch

The Seeded Rib Check Stitch is a reversible stitch that uses alternating knits and purls