The Indian Cross Stitch

The Indian Cross Knitting Stitch Pattern

About this Stitch Pattern

The Indian cross stitch creates a delicate fabric made up of rows of criss cross patterns. Using elongated stitches that are crossed, this knitting stitch is a unique blend of lace and cables. The result is looks a bit like waves crashing into each other.

This is a great stitch for blankets, shawls, and market bags.

[VIDEO] Stitch Pattern Tutorial

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Techniques Used In This Stitch Pattern

Stitch Pattern Details

Skill Level


Row Count


Stitch Repeat

Multiple of 8 sts

Stitch Pattern Instructions

Cast On: Multiple of 8 sts

  • Row 1: Knit.
  • Row 2: Knit.
  • Row 3: Knit.
  • Row 4: Knit.
  • Row 5: K1, * insert needle into next st and yarning over 4 times around point of needle, then knit that stitch, drawing the 4 wraps through the st; rep from * until last st, k1.
  • Row 6: *Sl 8 sts wyib, dropping all extra wraps, creating 8 long sts on right-hand needle. Insert left-hand needle into the first 4 of these long sts and pass them over the second 4 long sts. Return all sts to left-hand needle and k the sts in the new order, knitting the second 4 long sts first, and then the original 4 long sts. Rep from * for each group of 8 sts.
  • Row 7: Knit.
  • Row 8: Knit.
  • Row 9: Knit.
  • Row 10: Knit.
  • Row 11: K1, * insert needle into next st and wrap working yarn 4 times around point of needle, then knit that stitch, drawing the 4 wraps through the st; rep from * until last st, k1.
  • Row 12: Sl 4 sts wyib, dropping all extra wraps, cross 2 over 2 as in Row 6 and k these 4; *sl 8, dropping all extra wraps, cross, and knit as in Row 6; rep from * on each group of 8 until the last 4 sts, end by crossing 2 over 2 as in beg of row.

Repeat rows 1-12 until you have reached your desired length.

Stitch Pattern Swatch Photos

Stitch Pattern Characteristics


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12 thoughts on “The Indian Cross Stitch

  1. Judy says:

    I really like this Indian Cross Stitch .I can’t wait to try it. I loved your double knit tutorial also. Keep up the great work ,I can’t wait to see what it next.

  2. Marina says:

    Thanks. for a great video’s you make it look so easy… It looks awesome, can’t wait to try it… What do you suggest I should make using this particular stitch?

    Also It a silly question. I learned to knit a Knit stitch by placing a R needle in the back of the stitch, not in the front like you do it… it looks the same, and I get the same “V” as if you knit in front. So what is the difference between the two?
    Can’t seem to find an answer

    Thanks Marina

    • Johnny Vasquez says:

      I think it would make an interesting throw but it’s really up to you to experiment.

      It sounds like you’re knitting through the back loop. It will twist the stitch unless you untwist it on the next row.

  3. mary says:

    what size knitting needle & what yarn weight would you think works best for the Indiana cross stich

    • Johnny Vasquez says:

      We don’t usually give that kind of information because all these stitch patterns can be made with any yarn and a needle that is an appropriate size for that yarn.

  4. Rachel says:

    Love your videos… just curious… noticed you were using square needles, which brand do you have? and are they fixed circ or interchangeable… Thanks

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