Two Color Plaited Basketweave Stitch

The Two Color Plaited Basketweave is a criss crossed colorwork pattern with a woven texture.

Woven Cable Stitch

The Woven Cable Stitch pattern creates a tight, dense fabric with a woven basketweave look.

The Indian Cross Stitch

The Indian cross stitch creates a delicate fabric made up of wavy rows of criss

Bulbus Cable Stitch

This unique cable stitch is made using a double crossed cable. The result is a

3 Colored Crosshatch Stitch

The 3-Colored Crosshatch Stitch creates a diamond shape design. The 3-Colored Crosshatch Stitch would be

The Crossbill Stitch :: Crochet Stitch #118

The Crossbill Stitch creates a knot design that looks delicate. The Crossbill Stitch would be