How to Knit the Aran Braid Cable Stitch

How to Knit the Aran Braid Cable Stitch

How to Knit the Aran Braid Cable Stitch

This video knitting tutorial will help you learn how to knit the aran braid stitch. This stitch creates a thick and fancy braid design. The aran braid stitch would be great for gloves, hats and sweaters!

Materials Used in this Tutorial


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A pair of knitting needles


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Feel Good Yarn Company



Knit Stitch – K
Purl Stitch-p
Cable 4 Front – C4F
Cable 4 Back – C4B

Skill: Easy
Cast On:Panel of 12 sts.

Pattern Instructions

  1. Row 1

    (Wrong Side): K2, p8, k2.

  2. Row 2

    P2, (C4B) twice, p2.

  3. Row 3

    K2, p8, k2.

  4. Row 4

    P2, k2, C4F, k2, p2.

Repeat rows 1-4 until you reach your desired length.

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  1. Please Keeley says:

    I love this program I just haven’t taken time to sit down and do a swatch. I will try to be a better supporter. I would hate to loose such a terrific resource offered to knitters.

    • Johnny Vasquez says:

      Panels are stitch patterns that do not repeat horizontally. So you can insert it as a detail in something like a sleeve, blanket, or sweater front.

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