Cable 4 Front Stitch

About this Stitch Pattern

This knitting tutorial will help you learn how to knit the cable 4 front stitch. This technique is used in many more complicated cable motifs and is created by relocating two stitches in a row with the help of a cable needle. It can be used for afghans, blankets, scarves, or to add interest in a stockinette panel.

[VIDEO] Stitch Pattern Tutorial

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Techniques Used In This Stitch Pattern


Also known as 2/2 LC

Stitch Pattern Details

Skill Level


Row Count


Stitch Repeat

Multiples of 4

Stitch Pattern Instructions

Note: This technique is worked over 4 stitches.

  • Step 1: Slip the next 2 stitches onto a cable needle
  • Step 2: Hold cable needle to front of work
  • Step 3: K2 from main needle
  • Step 4: K2 from cable needle

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Stitch Pattern Characteristics


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8 thoughts on “Cable 4 Front Stitch

  1. nina lansing says:

    Thank you for posting these “How to” video clips. I look forward to them each day. I’m a long time knitter, but there is always something new to learn. Even if I know how to knit the stitch of the day, I watch the little video. Again, thank you!

    • Johnny Vasquez says:

      This is just a technique. It does not explain how to incorporate this into a pattern. It is for people who encounter C4F in a pattern and do not know what it means or how to do it.

      • Sandy Curtis says:

        Thank you. I thought that might be the case and will look for the book you suggested. The Cable technique is easier than I expected. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Thank you so much for posting these HOW TO knit clips online…I’m new to the knitting world and it does really help me to get along wikth my newly learn would be nice to hv some patterns to accompany these knit stitches

    • Johnny Vasquez says:

      There are lots of great patterns online. It’s just not practical for us to find patterns for each of the stitches on our site. But this is a very common cable technique. You’d have no problem finding one on

  3. Janet Sanders says:

    Nice and easy instructions, but where do I get that lovely wood cable needle? I’ve looked everywhere to find one.

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