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Barred Stripes Stitch

The barred stripes is a simple and easy mosaic colorwork stitch that creates rows of

The Knotted Openwork Stitch

The Knotted Openwork Stitch is a lace pattern that creates a lattice-like mesh that is

Ascending Tulip Cable Stitch

The Ascending Tulip is a cable stitch consisting of a pair of cabled columns, folding

Triple Wave Stitch

The Triple Wave stitch is a simple knit and purl stitch that creates a fabric

Color Seeded Pattern Stitch

The color seeded pattern is a mosaic colorwork stitch. It creates a fabric composed of

The Twin Leaf Lace Stitch

The twin leaf knitting stitch pattern creates columns of lace eyelets that look like a

Rhombus Delight Cable Stitch

The Rhombus Delight is a cable stitch pattern that is comprised of a cabled column,

The Mosaic Stitch

The mosaic stitch is a simple knit and purl pattern that creates textured columns of

Mock Ribbing Stitch

The mock ribbing looks like traditional ribbing with a textured background. However, this stitch lacks

Crest of the Wave Lace Stitch

This classic Shetland lace pattern is a breeze to knit. With it's beautiful scalloped edges,