How to Knit the Popcorn Stitch

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  1. How to Knit the Popcorn Stitch


    I love the movies. I have literally spent entire days at the theater going from film to film. I love everything about the experience. The neon lights, the giant movie posters, the cooshie red seats with the arm that lifts up so I can cuddle with my wife. I think if it were legal I'd marry the movies. But alas, polygamy is against the law in the US.

    But do you know what the best part of going to the movies is?

    The popcorn! There's nothing like a fresh bag of hot popcorn drenched in butter oil and sprinkled with salt. It's so light and crunchy and buttery and salty. It's making my mouth water.

    Now if only we could combine that experience with knitting.

    Oh but we can! With this cool little bobble technique called the popcorn stitch. Just don't try to eat it. Even with butter and salt it, yarn doesn't taste very good. Don't ask.