The Popcorn Stitch :: Crochet Stitch #21

How to Crochet the Popcorn Stitch

About this Stitch Pattern

The Popcorn Stitch is a basic technique that is similar to the bobble or cluster stitch, and creates a puffed texture within your fabric. It’s sometimes used for flower motifs and as an accent to add interest to your project.

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Stitch Pattern Instructions

  • Step 1: Make a shell/fan by doing 5 dc in the next stitch.
  • Note: For a bigger or smaller popcorn, use more or less dc’s.

  • Step 2: Pull some extra slack on the last loop once you finish your final dc and remove your crochet hook.
  • Step 3: Insert your hook into the first dc of your shell/fan.
  • Step 4: Insert your hook back into the loop from your last dc and tighten it down.
  • Step 5: Pull the loop through the first dc on your hook and pull tight.
  • Step 6: Ch 1 to lock in place.

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