Stitch Attribute: textured

The Mistake Rib Stitch :: Knitting Stitch #529

The Mistake Rib Stitch is a deceptively simple pattern that uses offset stitches to create its signature seeded ribs. Unlike most ribs, this stitch doesn't pull the fabric in. It is a wonderful reversible pattern with a rich texture that would work well for scarfs, blankets, and other cozy projects.

Bloque Stitch :: Crochet Stitch #340

The Bloque Stitch is a nice solid textured stitch. Using only chains, double crochet stitches, and the occasional half-double crochet, this stitch forms into a strong interlocking pattern. An easy stitch, it would work well for bags or cushion covers.

The Textured Cable Stitch :: Knitting Stitch #526

The Textured Cable Stitch is a beautiful seeded cable pattern. While this cable can look intimidating, all you need is to keep you knits and purls in check, and this cable will come out great in a snap. Its syncopated cable pattern would look great on Aran Sweaters or a …

The Arruga Stitch :: Crochet Stitch #336

The Arruga stitch is a great textural pattern stitch. It uses front post and back post stitches to create a reversible pebbled appearance throughout the fabric. This pattern is great for washcloths and projects where you want bold texture.

The Basketweave Stitch :: Crochet Stitch #335

The Basketweave stitch is a great textural pattern stitch. It uses front post and back post stitches to create a woven effect throughout the fabric, and works up quite thick. This pattern is great for washcloths, afghan blocks and projects where you want bold texture.

How to Knit the Knotted Boxes Stitch

This video knitting tutorial will help you learn how to knit the knotted boxes stitch. This stitch creates an interesting boxed pattern. The knotted boxes stitch would be great for scarves, hats, and blankets!

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