Flecked Tweed Stitch

The Flecked Tweed Stitch is a simple colorwork pattern that looks much more complicated than

Ridge Check Stitch

The ridge check stitch is a mosaic colorwork stitch. By pulling up a stitch of

Barred Stripes Stitch

The barred stripes is a simple and easy mosaic colorwork stitch that creates rows of

The Roman Stitch

The Roman Stitch provides a striking and simple pattern. Made using only knits and purls,

The Roman Stripe Stitch

The Roman Stripe Stitch is a charming reversible lace that is very easy to work.

The Two Color Interlocking Block Stitch :: Crochet Stitch #339

The Two Color Interlocking Block Stitch is a colorwork stitch with a lot of visual

The Open-Work Ladder Stitch :: Knitting Stitch #16

The Open-Work Ladder Stitch pattern uses wrapped stitches to create horizontal bars between stockinette panels.