The Eyelet Lattice Insertion Stitch

The eyelet lattice insertion is a lace panel with a lattice weave. It uses simple

The Openweave Panel Stitch

The openweave panel stitch is a lace pattern consisting of little eyelets, stacked in a

Little Pearl Cable Stitch

The little pearl stitch is a simple cable knitting pattern. Embedded in a background of

The King Charles Brocade Stitch

The King Charles Brocade is a classic knitting stitch pattern. This lace stitch consists of

Diamond Rib Stitch

This knitting tutorial will help you learn how to knit the diamond rib stitch. The

Two-Tone Lattice Stitch

The two-tone lattice stitch is a mosaic colorwork pattern. Using slipped stitches and only one

The Diamond Motif :: Crochet Stitch #123

The Diamond Motif creates a fun diamond shape pattern. The construction is done in multiple