The Vandyke Lace Panel Stitch

They Vandyke Lace Panel is a traditional knitting pattern consisting of a column of lace

Wicker Stitch

This wicker stitch creates a dense but delicate criss cross pattern. Using mock cables, these

Little Pearl Cable Stitch

The little pearl stitch is a simple cable knitting pattern. Embedded in a background of

Open Cable Stitch

The Open Cable Stitchis a cable is a non-crossing cable that creates a strong column

The Raised Circle Cable Stitch

This knitting tutorial will help you learn how to knit the raised circle cable stitch.

The Pillar Spiral Cable Stitch

The Pillar Spiral Cable Stitch is a simple cable pattern. With a basic 2 stitch

The Large Horn Cable Stitch

The Large Horn Cable is a panel stitch pattern that resembles the wide horns of

Fishtail Cable Stitch

The Fishtail Cable Stitch pattern looks like fishtails. These can be made going up or

The Downward Slipped Double Cable Stitch

The Downward Slipped Double Cable Stitch is a cable pattern that consists of a row

Bulbus Cable Stitch

This unique cable stitch is made using a double crossed cable. The result is a