The Roman Cable Stitch

The Roman Cable Stitch is simple, yet bold cable panel with great visual impact. It

Large Woven Cable Stitch

The Large Woven Cable stitch look like a big, stretched cable braid. It's a bold

Loose Five Rib Braid Stitch

The Loose Five Rib Braid Cable stitch is beautiful aran cable pattern. Consisting of five

The Garden Path Cable Stitch

The Garden Path Cable Stitch is an asymmetrical cable pattern that creates a winding overlapping

The Chunky Braid Cable Stitch

The Chunky Braid Cable stitch is a traditional Aran cable pattern. This panel mimicks the

Cable With Braid Stitch

This knitting tutorial will help you learn how to knit the cable with braid stitch.

Tight Braid Cable Stitch

The Tight Braid Cable Stitch creates a distinctive plaited pattern on your fabric. While it