Sliding Block Stitch

The sliding block stitch is a mosaic colorwork pattern that consists of columns of horizontal

The Diagonal Openwork Lace Stitch

The diagonal openwork stitch is a lace pattern with rows of slanting eyelets. It creates

Small Wavy Cable Stitch

The small wavy cable is a simple ribbing pattern where the ribs ripple like a

Broken Rib Stitch

The broken rib is a variation on traditional knit ribbing. This knitting pattern takes the

Bee Stitch

The bee stitch creates a textured fabric, reminiscent of a honeycomb. This pattern uses the

Mock Ribbing Stitch

The mock ribbing looks like traditional ribbing with a textured background. However, this stitch lacks

Fancy Slip Stitch Rib

The Fancy Slip Stitch Rib Pattern is a simple rib stitch that creates a puffy

The Roman Stitch

The Roman Stitch provides a striking and simple pattern. Made using only knits and purls,

Two-Color Bee Stitch

The two-color bee stitch is an alternate version of the bee stitch. Using the Knit

Lazy Links Stitch

The lazy links stitch is a knitting pattern that creates an all-over lattice texture. By