The Grand Eyelet Stitch

About this Stitch Pattern

The Grand Eyelet is a unique lace knitting stitch pattern. Using combinations of decreases and increases this unusual fabric is created. It creates a netting of triangular stitches that is great for decorative mesh projects. This is a challenging stitch to master, so have patience as you work the large decreases together.

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Techniques Used In This Stitch Pattern

Knit Stitch
Purl Stitch
Purl 4 Together
Yarn Round Needle

Stitch Pattern Details

Skill Level


Row Count


Stitch Repeat

Multiples of 4

Stitch Pattern Instructions

Cast On: Multiples of 4

  • Row 1: P2, *yrn, p4tog; rep from * to last 2sts, p2
  • Row 2: k3, [k1,p1,k1] into next st, * k1 [k1,p1,k1] into next st; rep from * to last 2sts, k2.
  • Row 3: knit

Repeat these 3 rows until you have reached your desired length.

Stitch Pattern Swatch Photos

Example of the Grand Eyelet Stitch

Stitch Pattern Characteristics

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