The Branched Cable Stitch :: Knitting Stitch #158

Stitch Description

This knitting tutorial will help you learn how to knit the branched cable stitch. This cable pattern creates a panel of twisted stitches that resemble a row of tree branches. It is great as an accent on sweater sleeves, blankets, and scarves.

Video Tutorial


Knit Stitch
Purl Stitch
Cable 4 Front
Cable 3 Front
Cable 3 Back

Stitch Details

  Skill Level

  Row Count
Number of Rows: 8

  Pattern Repeat 
Panel of 10sts on a background of reverse stockinette stitch

Stitch Characteristics

Pattern Instructions

Panel of 10sts on a background of reverse stockinette stitch

  • Row 1: (right side) p3, C4F, p3
  • Row 2: k3, p4, k3
  • Row 3: p2, C3B, C3F, p2
  • Row 4: k2, p6, k2
  • Row 5: p1, C3B, k2, C3F, p1
  • Row 6: k1, p8, k1
  • Row 7: C3B, k4, C3F
  • Row 8: purl
  • Repeat these 8 rows until you have reached your desired length.

Swatch Photos

Example of the Branched Cable Stitch Right SideExample of the Branched Cable Stitch Wrong Side

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