How to Crochet the Sun Fire Motif :: Crochet Stitch #241

How to Crochet the Sun Fire Motif

How to Crochet the Sun Fire Motif

This video crochet tutorial will help you learn how to crochet the sun fire motif. This stitch creates a fun sun design. The sun fire motif would be great for afghans, pillows, table runners!

Materials Used in this Tutorial


LanaMundi Yarns Tajik Mohair comes from the Asht region of Northern Tajikistan which is the center of Angora goat production. Only the best quality Angora kid fleeces are used for spinning this, strong yet soft, mohair yarn. The quality of this fingering-weight, two-ply yarn and the hand-spinning and dying are excellent; however, as with any handspun yarn, you may find some slight variation in thickness and color consistency.

A Crochet Hook


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Slip Stitch-sl stDouble Crochet-dc
Single Crochet-sc
Half Double Crochet-hdc
Double Treble-dtr

Skill: Intermediate
Foundation Chain: Chain 5 join with Sl st.

Pattern Instructions

  1. Round 1

    7ch (count as 1tr and 3ch), [1tr into ring, 3ch] 7 times, sl st to 4th of 7ch.(8 spaces)

  2. Round 2

    3ch (count as 1dc), [4dc into next sp, 1dc into next tr] 7 times, 4dc into next sp, sl st to top of 3ch. (40 sts).

  3. Round 3

    1ch, 1sc into same place as last sl st, *6ch, 1sc into 2nd ch from hook, 1hdc into next ch, 1dc into next ch, 1tr into next ch, 1dtr into next ch, skip 4 sts, 1sc into next st; rep from * 7 more times skipping sc at end of last rep, sl st to 1st sc. Fasten off.

Swatch Photos

Example of the Sun Motif. (Reversible)
Example of the Sun Motif. Reversible Click for Larger Image)
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