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The Little Arrowhead Lace Stitch

The Little Arrowhead lace stitch is a scaled down version of the Arrowhead lace stitch.

Twist Cable and Ladder Lace Stitch

The Twist Cable and Lace Ladder knitting stitch pattern combines garter stitch, basic cable twists,

Eyelet Mock Cable Ribbing Stitch

The Eyelet Mock Cable Ribbing Stitch is a unique pattern that combines cabling, ribbing, and

The Garter Rib Stitch

The Garter Rib Stitch is a ribbing pattern which consists of alternating offset rows of

The Cupido Stitch

The Cupido Stitch uses slipped stitches over a garter stitch base to create a nice

3 Color Honeycomb Stitch

This knitting tutorial will help you learn how to knit the 3 color honeycomb stitch.

Chevron Lace Stitch

The Chevron Lace Stitch pattern consists of rows of diagonal stitches, separated by small open

Mutton Chop Cable

The mutton chop cable is a panel stitch made with a textured cable that looks

The Check Stitch

The Check Stitch pattern is a basic checker pattern that has a great texture. This

The Rose Garden Cable Stitch

The rose garden cable stitch is a simple cable pattern consisting of a central column,