How to Knit the Single Lace Rib Stitch :: Knitting Stitch #178

How to Knit the Single Lace Rib Stitch

This video knitting tutorial will help you learn how to knit the single lace rib stitch. This stitch is a delicate version of ribbing. The lace rib stitch is a great way to add interest to any area that would traditionally be knit in ribbing.

Materials Used in this Tutorial

Imperial Yarn Tracie Too

Imperial Yarn Tracie Too

Tracie Too is a worsted spun version of Imperial’s popular woolen spun Tracie Yarn. With a very soft hand it knits up in a lovely lofty fabric. At 395 yards per skein, this yarn is a great choice for single skein shawl and sock projects. Available in eight rich colors as well as Natural.

Addi Lace Clicks

Addi Lace Click Long Tip

Meet the latest addition to the addi Click family: Longer Lace Tips have the same sharp point as the regular Lace needles, but are just over 5 inches in length, which some knitters prefer. Each kit includes US sizes 4 – 11, along with 3 pliable blue addi SOS Lifeline insertion Cords. This ingenious set comes in a vibrant pink case.


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Knit – k
Purl – p
Knit Two Together – k2tog
Purl Two Together – p2tog
Yarn Over – yo
Yarn Round Needle – yrn

Skill: Intermediate
Cast On: Multiples of 4 + 1

Pattern Instructions

  1. Row 1

    (right side) K1, *yo, k2tog, p1,k1; rep from * to end.

  2. Row 2

    p1, *yrn, p2tog, k1,p1; rep from * to end.

Repeat these 2 rows until you have reached your desired length.

Swatch Photos

Example of the Single Lace Rib Stitch Right Side

Example of the Single Lace Rib Stitch Right Side (click for larger)

Example of the Single Rib Stitch Wrong Side

Example of the Single Lace Rib Stitch Wrong Side (Click for Larger)

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