German Twisted Cast On

Example of the German Twisted Cast On

About this technique

The German Twisted Cast On is a variation of the Long Tail Cast On. By adding an extra twist while casting on, this method gives a little more stretch to your edging. It is also a deeper cast on making it more durable. It works well for socks, mittens, and other ribbing that will get a lot of wear and tear.

Difficulty: 3 of 5

Also Known As: Old Norwegian Cast On

Bind Off Match: Icelandic Bind Off

[VIDEO] How to do this technique

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Technique Instructions

    • Step 1: Take a length of yarn from your ball of yarn.
    • Step 2: Make a slip knot and insert the needle into the loop. Tighten slip knot onto needle.
    • Warning!- When casting on a lot of stitches the yarn has a tendency to untwist. Make sure the long tail is closest to you so you can easily retwist the yarn as you go.
    • Step 3: With your bottom three fingers grab both pieces of yarn and hold them in your palm.
    • Step 4: Take your index finger and thumb and push them through the two pieces of yarn.
    • Step 5: Shift your thumb and forefinger backwards to pull the yarn tight. The yarn should form a “V” or sling shot on your fingers.
    • Step 6: Take the tip of your needle and bring it under both strands of yarn on your thumb.
    • Step 7: Bring the needle through the loop on your thumb.
    • Step 8: Wrap the needle around the top strand of yarn on your index finger, going over and then under.
    • Step 9: Pull the yarn through the small opening of the crossed strands on your thumb, OR untwist the yarn on your thumb by moving your thumb in a counter-clockwise motion and then over the needle.
    • Step 10: Release the yarn from you thumb.
    • Step 11: Pull the yarn tight and position your thumb and index finger in the “V” configuration for the next stitch.

    Continue repeating steps 3-11 until you have cast on your desired number of stitches.

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  1. says:

    I enjoy watching all of your postings, but one thing you need to do is maybe tone down the music or not have music at all. It distratcts from what I am trying to learn. Thank you.

  2. Faye Love says:


    Thanks for the great tutorial. I read some instructions on another site and thought I’d never get it. Got it in one after watching this. If I may add a note – make sure that when you measure out the long tail before casting on, remember to add enough to hang on to when making the last stitch, as it requires a good handful or so to do.

  3. says:

    I love this cast on before top-down socks because it is so springy. Is there a matching/complementary bind off for my toe-up socks?

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