The Difference Between An Increase And A Yarn Over

Increases and Yarn Overs Compared

The Problem

There’s a small debate over whether or not a Yarn Over is considered an increase. This post discusses the similarities and differences between traditional knitting increases and a yarn over.

Definition Of An Increase

Before we can talk about what makes a Yarn Over, we first need to define what makes an increase.

An increase is a method of adding an extra stitch to your knitting.

In general increases are meant to be invisible and are most often used for shaping. Some common increases are the Knit Right Loop (KRL) and the Knit Front and Back (KFB).

Definition Of A Yarn Over

Yarn over’s technically are an increase, because they are meant to add a stitch to your knitting.

A Yarn Over is a knitting stitch that adds a stitch to your knitting fabric while leaving a hole below.

The biggest difference between a tradional increase and a yarn over is they are often paired with a decrease. This keeps your fabric from adding a stitch because the decrease removes the additional stitch. Yarn Over’s can be used for shaping, but are most often performed in lace and openwork stitch patterns.

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