How to Seam Bind-Off Edges Together

Stitch Description

This knitting tutorial will help you learn how to seam bind-off edges together. It is used most often when attaching the front and back or a sweater together at the shoulder.

When you seam bind-off edges together you want to avoid an unsightly bump in the fabric. If you just seam the edges together directly you’re going to end up with a lumpy or more visible seam. This simple technique will give you a virtually invisible seam! This is achieved by working the seam into the rows directly below the bound off edges. Once the two pieces of fabric are seamed together the result is a strong seam that can support the weight of the sweater more easily. This provides a nice structure to your fabric that will make your sweater look more professional.

Remember, seaming your work together can be a pain, but this tutorial will break it down step by step, so it’s easy for you to follow along.

Video Tutorial

Technique Instructions

Make sure your thread goes over the top of the bound off edge, not behind.

  • Step 1
    Take the bound off edges and line them up together.
  • Step 2
    After you’ve threaded the needle, take your darning needle and insert into the center of the first stitch on your bottom piece of fabric. Draw the needle through going from behind the fabric toward you.
  • Step 3
    Insert your darning needle behind the corresponding “V” stitch on the fabric piece above. Draw through going from right to left.
  • Step 4
    Insert your darning needle into the center of the same stitch on the bottom piece of fabric. Pull tight until the stitch is of a similar size to the stitches above and below.

Repeat steps 2 – 4 until you have seamed all the stitches together.

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