How to Knit with Comin’ Up Flowers

How to Knit With Comin' Up Flowers

How to Knit With Comin' Up Flowers

This video knitting tutorial will help you learn how to knit with comin’ up flowers, a novelty boucle yarn. Comin’ up flowers creates a fabric with little clusters of texture that look similar to flowers. This yarn can be used as an accent yarn or can be used to create entire projects.

Materials Used in this Tutorial


Comin’ Up Flowers

As you knit with this playful yarn, fabulous boucle flowers pop up from the colorful yarn. Comin Up Flowers knits up really fast and 1 skein is enough for a big chunky scarf. You will love the soft hand, playful colors, and fun style of this great yarn.

A pair of knitting needles


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Notes on Using this Yarn

  1. Warning

    Novelty yarns can be difficult to knit with. Be careful to insert your needle in the proper stitch and not through any loops in the yarn.

  2. Note

    Coming up flowers can be used as an accent to another project, or in it’s own pattern. This yarn looks best when knit in stockinette. Knitting this yarn in a stitch pattern is not recommended.

Swatch Photos

Example Of Comin' Up Flowers
Example Of Comin’ Up Flowers (Click for Larger)
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8 thoughts on “How to Knit with Comin’ Up Flowers

  1. Linda Stuart says:

    I don’t usually bother with the novelty yarns, but this one gives me some evil ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  2. says:

    I love that flower the colors of yours!! Where can we get it??
    Thanks for showing it….

  3. ELLEN says:

    love this website, i am a novice knitter and some patterns look daunting to me ! but with your help, hope to soon be able to knit with some of these gorgeous yarns.

  4. Ruth says:

    Johnny, I have used this yarn and with 9 sts. I get diagonal rows of the flowers. I knit right up to the “flower” and
    then go to just after the flower for the next stitch….makes a long, lovely scarf. One of my daughters can’t stand
    to have scarves on her neck so loops it around so it hangs below! Looks great…Thanks for your NSAD …. the
    best library to have on file!!! Your instructions are perfect and not hurried like most!!
    Thanks so much and God bless you for being a great teacher!!!
    Love ya teacher!!

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