The Estonian Button

Estonian Button Knitting Stitch by Knitiversity


NOTE: This is a knitting technique that can be applied to many types of knitted fabric. There is not a number of stitches to cast on as it is not a pattern.

The Estonian Button is a cross between a smock and a bobble. It’s created by slipping extended stitches over other stitches, similar to a slip knit pass decrease, only here you are not decreasing. The final effect is a small horizontal bar that adds some extra texture to your fabric. It’s a nice decorative technique that can be incorporated in to all kinds of projects.

This differs from the Estonian nupp, which is more like a tiny tight bobble.

Video Tutorial

Technique Instructions

Skill: Intermediate

  • Step 1: Skip first 2 sts, insert needle in between 2nd and 3rd sts on main needle.
  • Step 2: Work a st and draw a loop through, place onto main needle.
  • Step 3: Insert needle into 1st st, k tbl, pull st off needle.
  • Step 4: Slip two sts on main needle to working needle, pass the first stitch over the other two sts.

Repeat steps 1 – 4 as necessary

Swatch Photos

Example of the Estonian Button

9 thoughts on “The Estonian Button

  1. Carolyn Ethridge says:

    For the Estonion Button: After the first row, do you purl across the next row to maintain a stockinette stitch?

    • Johnny Vasquez says:

      This is a technique tutorial, not a pattern tutorial. It’s meant to show you how to use this in another pattern, not how to use it on it’s own.

  2. TERRY says:

    good job, Johnny! I was greatly impressed that you did those repeats of the technique to the point where it really made sense! It’s a delightful technique!

  3. Brenda Hedge says:

    Hi Johnny, I am fascinated with this Estonian button stitch. I do not, however, know how many stitches to cast on to get a pattern. Is it an even count or odd? If I knit 2 before, in beteen and at the end, how many stitches must I cast on? I truly appreciate your help and am soooooo enjoy watching the videos each day for different stitches. I’m so glad I came across your tutorials. Many thanks for your help!

    • Johnny Vasquez says:

      Hi Brenda!

      As I have stated before in previous comments, this is an embellishment to add to your fabric. This tutorial is not a pattern tutorial. You can use it however you want, but there is no multiple to cast on. The stitch is worked over 2 stitches. How many stitches you put in-between is up to you.

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