Austrian Long Tail Cast On

Technique Description

This video knitting tutorial will help you learn how to knit the Austrian Long Tail Cast On. A variation of the long tail cast on that creates a slightly different look and feel to the edge.

Video Tutorial

Technique Instructions

Skill: Easy

  • Step 1take tail of yarn and measure out about 5st by wrapping the yarn around my needle, this will count for about 5 sts. use this to meausre the length of yarn you willl need for you cast on
  • Step 2Take loop and insert thumb and forefinger between the loop and grab the two strands of yarn in the bottom part of your palm, stretch thumb and forefinger out to create a bridge
  • Step 3Place needle on top of the bridge and twist it around, shift fingers back to make a sling shot of sorts.
  • Step 4Pick up outside edge of yarn on thumb with knitting needle, come under and through the middle of the loop
  • Step 5Come around the outside strand of yarn and pick up the center
  • Step 6Come back through the loop on your thumb
  • Step 7Release both strands of yarn from thumb and forefinger
  • Step 8Tighten down the stitch onto the needle
  • Step 9Reset fingers to start over again


Example of the Austrian Long Tail Cast On

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