The Picots Motif :: Crochet Stitch #198

How to Crochet the Picots Motif

About this Stitch Pattern

This crochet tutorial will help you learn how to crochet the picots motif. This stitch creates a fun pattern. The picots motif would be great for afghans, pot holders, and blankets!

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Techniques Used In This Stitch Pattern

Stitch Pattern Details

Skill Level


Row Count


Stitch Repeat

Ch 16, Join in round.

Stitch Pattern Instructions

Foundation Chain:Ch 16, Join in round.

  • Note: Work stitches in chains, not in spaces.
  • Round 1: ch 3 (counts as first dc), 1dc in each of the next 3 ch, ch 7, *1dc in each of the next 3ch, ch 7, *dc in each of the next 4ch, ch7, rep from * twice, join with a Sl st to top of beg ch 3(4 ch 7 loops).
  • Round 2: ch 5 (counts as dc, ch 2), *skip next group of dc, working in the chains of the next ch 7 loop, work [1dc, ch 1], in each of next 7ch, ch 1 more, rep from * twice, end with [1dc, ch 1] in each of the next 6ch, join with a Sl st to the end 3rd ch of beg ch 5.
  • Round 3: ch 1, *sc in each of next 2 ch, [1sc next dc, ch 3, 1sc 3rd ch from hook (picot made) skip next ch 1 space] 6 times, 1sc in next dc, rep from * 3 times more, join with a Sl st in the beg ch 1, fasten off.
  • Repeat rounds 1-3 until you have reached your desired length.

Stitch Pattern Swatch Photos

Example of the Picots Motif. (Reversible)
Example of the Picots Motif. Reversible (Click for Larger Image)

Stitch Pattern Characteristics