How to Crochet: How to Add a New Ball of Yarn

How to Crochet: Adding a New Ball of Yarn

How to Crochet: Adding a New Ball of Yarn

This video crochet tutorial will help you learn how to a new ball of yarn to your project. This simple technique can be used to both add a new ball of yarn when you run out, or to change your color during a project.

Materials Used in this Tutorial

WEBS Northampton Raspberry Heather

Valley Yarns Northampton

Sourced the softest wool WEBS could find and dyed in a beautiful collection of solid colors and heathered shades. It is a dream to felt and soft enough for cozy garments. Valley Yarns Northampton also has a whopping 247 yards per skein. It is beautiful and economical. Made in Peru.

A Crochet Hook


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WEBS Americas Yarn Store



Skill: Easy

When you run out of yarn and need to add another ball to your project, stop when you have about 6″ left of your current ball. Stop your last stitch with two loops left on your hook before completing the stitch. Then place a loop of the new ball tail on the hook and draw through the last twp loops to finish the stitch. Then continue in pattern as normal.