How to Crochet: The Half Double Crochet

Example of the Double Half Crochet


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The half double crochet is a variation of the double crochet stitch. This stitch technique is used in many other crochet stitches.

Skill: Beginner


Step 1: Begin with a row of chain stitches. How many you need to chain will be determined by your pattern.

Tip: Remember the stitch on your hook should not be included in your chain count.

Step 2: Wrap your yarn over your crochet hook, going from under, to around, and then over.

Step 3: Take your crochet hook and insert into the third stitch on your chain row. You should now have three stitches on your crochet hook.

Step 4: Wrap your yarn over your crochet hook.

Step 5: Pull the yarn through all three stitches with the crochet hook.

Repeat Steps 2 – 5 until you have one stitch on your needle.

To continue your half double crochet on your next row chain two, then turn your work and begin your next half double crochet in the third stitch of your new row.

After a few repeats your pattern should look like this:

Example of the Half Double Crochet
Example of the Half Double Crochet

Patterns that use this stitch:

IMG_5103Half-Double Half-Circle Handbag
by Vashti Braha