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Who says you can't knit in summer? With our Ultimate Summer Knitting Bundle you'll get a collection of beautiful, breezy classes and projects. Whether you're relaxing by the water, road tripping across the country, or cruising from port to port, this is the perfect way to make the most of your summer vacation!

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7 Amazing Resources to
Make Summer Knitting a Breeze

Course 1 • $30 Value

Shawl Knitting 101: Shawl Shapes

Want an easy, lightweight, and fun project that is also incredibly versatile? Knitter, meet shawl, the perfect summertime knit. In this class we'll go over basic shawl construction and give you a simple framework you can use to start knitting your own shawls.

You'll also discover:
• The best cast on for shawls so they come out perfect every time
• One simple tweak to create drastically different shawl designs
• 6 different methods for creating shawl shapes

Yellow tweed feather and fan lace swatch

Course 2 • $30 Value

Knitting 103: Lace

Summertime is hot! Which makes it the perfect time to practice your lace knitting skills. This class will teach you everything you need to level up your lace even if you've been knitting for years.

You'll also discover:
• The difference between YO, YRN, YFRN, and YON
• An easier way to knit lace by reading charts
• The perfect lace cast on that is completely invisible
• and much, much more...

Lace and Eyelets video knitting stitch collection

VIDEO BUNDLE 3 • $25 Value

Lace & Eyelets Vol. 1: Video Collection*

Need some inspiration for your next lace project?
This video stitchionary has an assortment of stitches from beginner to intermediate perfect for a shawl or summertime scarf.

This collection includes:
• 30 lace knitting stitch pattern video tutorials
• Downloadable files to watch offline
• Videos are 100% AD FREE!!

*This is a DIGITAL product. No physical DVD will be sent

Project Classes

These video project classes will walk you step-by-step through
the entire pattern, from cast on to bind off.


Course 4 • $20 Value

Sweetgum Shawl

This openwork shawl evokes the hanging branches of Savannah, Georgia's Sweetgum trees. Quick and fun to knit and lovely to wear!

Includes: PDF pattern download


Course 5 • $20 Value

Mason Cowl

This lightweight cowl mixes garter stitch sections with panels of eyelets to create a breezy accessory perfect for a walk on the seashore.

Includes: PDF pattern download


Course 6 • $20 Value

Kosaten Shawl

Names after the Japanese word for "intersection," this shawl uses simple repeating motifs to create a lattice of geometric shapes.

Includes: PDF pattern download


Course 7 • $20 Value

Prayer for Paris

Designed to mark tragic burning of Notre Dame in 2019, this prayer shawl is inspired by the gothic architecture of the iconic church.

Includes: PDF pattern download


Digital Downloads


Pattern • $5 Value

Felicity Stole

A combination of lace and garter stitch make this simple stole a great lightweight project. This versatile pattern can be worn in many ways.

Includes: PDF pattern download


Pattern • $5 Value

Featherlite Scarf

If you're just beginning your lace knitting journey, this scarf uses the iconic feather and fan stitch to create a beautiful accessory.

Includes: PDF pattern download


Pattern • $5 Value

Sunstripe Shawl

Sometimes you just need to knit something simple, and this classic triangle scarf hits the spot with it's elegant stripe details.

Includes: PDF pattern download


E-Book • $5 Value

Lace & Eyelets Vol. 1

Consisting of 30 lace stitch patterns, this e-book has front and back photos, charts, and links to video tutorials for each stitch!

Includes: PDF download

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Taught by Yarnist Founder

Johnny Vasquez • Master Knitter

Since 2011, Johnny has been helping people around the world learn to Knit Without Fear. His popular YouTube channel has over 1,000 tutorials that make knitting simple. He’s praised for his clear, slow instruction that makes it easy to follow along with in real time.

When he’s not knitting he loves watching indie films, playing board games with his buddies, or hanging out at a speakeasy.

He currently lives in Tallinn, Estonia with his wife and five kids.

What Our Students Are Saying

This project is amazing and it is written very well, clearly paced and explained. The videos are fantastic, and the explanation and pace is the right one, not too fast, not too slow. Johnny's voice is so calm and smooth, so different from many others. This project is really marvellous. Thank you!
Nicoletta Santambrogio
Prayer for Paris Shawl Class
Wilma Rapp
Knitting 103: Lace Knitting
Pretty and simple!

Love the unique open pattern and the pattern's simplicity. Good explanations for each part.

Clear videos. Very good for beginner knitters!
Roslyn Zolnerovich
Mason Lace Cowl Class
I was very interested in the cast on and the bind off as I hadn't used either previously. Excellent demonstrations of both. Also one of the best explanations of SSK. A beginning knitter of lace will wonder why they may have avoided lace before. They will gain confidence and probably try a more complicated lace in the future.
Kathryn Wettlaufer
Kosaten Shawl Class
Being a beginner, I have not attempted any shawls yet.

I feel confident that with Johnny's instructions, and his availability if you get stuck, I will be mastering shawls.

Thanks, so much!
Bobbie Palmer
Shawls 101: Intro to Shawl Shapes
The explanations of how the shapes are formed was what I really valued from this class. This might actually get me knitting without relying on a pattern! As a more advanced knitter I actually sped through some of the videos then went back to them & concentrated on the last part where you talk about how the patterns create the shapes.
Glenda Osnach
Shawls 101: Inro to Shawl Shapes
Very thorough instructions!

Provisional cast on for garter tab is the best method I’ve seen. The videos are slow and very easy to follow and see exactly what is being demonstrated.

A new lace knitter should have no problem making this project
Denise Elston
Sweetgum Shawl Class
I lost my fear of shawl knitting!

I never knew there were so many shawl shapes. I have never knit a shawl before but after this class I think it will be a breeze. I'm still deciding what shape the first one will be.

Lisa Patrick
Shawls 101: Intro to Shawl Shapes
Although I have some experience with lace knitting, I thought there are probably some things a course could show me that I don't know.

This course covers a lot of basic need-to-knows of lace knitting. The teacher is laid-back, organized, excellent with detail, and focused on multiple aspects of lace-knitting, not just stitching. I'll be working my up the learning ladder with more courses.
Lenny Thomas
Knitting 103: Lace Knitting

Frequently Asked Questions

We think that everyone can learn something from the classes included in this bundle.

That being said these projects are ideal for beginners or for knitters that want some simple, easy to make projects over the summer. 😎


Yup. All of our classes include LIFETIME ACCESS and free updates, so if we improve anything in the future or add some content, you’ll have it included at no extra charge.

Yes and No.

For the stitchionary video bundle you can download all of the videos.

For the rest of the classes you’ll have to watch those while connected to the internet.

Of course, you can download the PDF patterns and E-Book easily.

Most of the projects included in this bundle use fingering weight yarn, but you will find exact materials in the patterns themselves.

The exercises in the classes can be done with any weight yarn and a needle size that is appropriate for that yarn weight. Usually the recommend needles size is written on the yarn ball band.


We want to make sure you are completely satisfied with your purchase and get the most value out of it.

If for some reason these classes don’t meet your expectations, just let us know and we’ll get you every cent back!

Every class has the ability to ask questions of the teacher.

We usually respond pretty quickly to make sure you don’t stay stuck!

And of course you can always email us directly.

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