How to Knit a Traveling Jogless Stripe in the Round

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  1. How to Knit a Traveling Jogless Stripe in the Round


    A viewer emailed me asked for a tutorial on jogging less. Now if there is something I know its how to spend less time jogging. I'm incredibly good at not jogging by eating potato chips, sitting and watching Buffy while knitting, or even going for a walk to my car. In fact I do just about anything I can to avoid jogging.


    Ok I misread that. They want to know how to jog less in the round. For this I would say stay away from high school track fields. They will always make you go in a circle when jogging. Also many parks...hold on...

    OOHH! She wants to know how to KNIT a jogless stripe. You know, because the color tends to jog up when switching yarns while knitting stripes. Here I thought she wanted my expertise on staying fat. Anyway I found a cool trick for this online. Let me show you how it goes.