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How to Knit Recognizing a Knit Stitch and Purl Stitch

music in video is from demo 2008 by (Latch\xe9 Swing) / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

This video knitting tutorial will help you learn how to recognize a knit stitch and a purl stitch. As a beginning knitter you may have trouble telling the different between a knit stitch and a purl stitch. This can cause problems when knitting stockinette or rib patterns. By being able to tell them apart you will make less mistakes, especially if you are coming back to a project after not knitting it for a little while.

The following photos will help you understand the difference between the two stitches.

Example of Knit Stitch on Stockinette

The knit stitch looks like rows of arrows going up and down

Example of Purl Stitch on Stockinette

The purl stitch looks like a series of little bumps or pebbles



  1. Danika

    November 28, 2012

    Is there a stitch that looks like a row of arrows on both sides? I tried using the plan knit stitch but it doesnt turn out that way. I tried doing the stockinette but it always curls up even if i knit the edges and the first few rows to avoid that :/ … I do not like the appearance of the purl stitch ….