We all need a little help sometime.

If you would like to request a stitch or help with a pattern send an email and we’ll get our little stitch monsters to work on it.


We do have some guidelines to make things go a bit smoother.

1. Please know that we do try to get to all requests, but there is quite a long list and it will probably be at least 6 weeks before we can get to yours. So, if your request is urgent please don’t be upset with us if we can’t make a video right away. We will try to point you to some resources that will help in the interim.

2. If you are requesting a stitch or help with a pattern, please provide a link to instructions, a pattern, or another video along with your request.

3. We WILL NOT reverse engineer patterns from a photo or video. This especially goes for other designers work. If you really want to make it, then support the designer and buy the pattern.

4. If you send us a video in a language other than English or one that is machine knit, chances are we won’t be able to figure it out. We’re good, but we’re not that good. Please send a written pattern or link to one with all requests.

5. We are happy to help you with other peoples patterns, but please contact the designer first. They will probably be of more help. If you can not get in touch with the designer then we will do our best.

6. If you have a general knitting question, consider putting it up in our Ravelry group. This will give other people an opportunity to help, as well as learn with you.

7. We do not make videos for mosaic knitting patterns, or color work patterns. We will make videos on reading charts and how to knit or crochet color work in the future, but we will only cover the basic techniques.

8. We probably won’t do series of videos on things like knitting a sweater or socks. We do have plans for some courses that will cover these topics in the future.