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Is Learning To Knit Intarsia Leaving You In Knots?

Introducing the Fearless Knitter's

Intarsia Colorwork Workshop

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Our crystal clear classes are filmed in close up high definition, so you can see every stitch as if you were knitting it yourself.

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Every step of our classes is taught at a slow, even pace, so you can easily follow along in real time.

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Discover Everything You Need To Knit Intarsia Like A Pro

Knitting Intarsia can feel like a puzzle that’s impossible to piece together, but it doesn’t have to.

In this workshop you’ll learn all of the skills you need to start knitting EPIC intarsia projects for yourself, your friends, and your family.

Here’s some of the topics we’ll be covering during this workshop:

  • • The difference between Fair Isle and Intarsia and when to use each technique
  • • What is a bobbin and how to properly use one (or not) to make your knitting easier
  • • How to use charts to track your project so you can prevent mistakes
  • • The BEST way to add new colors to eliminate gaps and loose stitches
  • • Managing multiple yarns so you don’t end up with a tangles mess
  • • Where to weave in your ends so they are actually invisible (it’s not where you’d think)
  • • Additional advanced techniques and troubleshooting tips
And much, much more…

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Taught by New Stitch a Day Founder

Johnny Vasquez • Master Knitter

Since 2011, Johnny has been helping people around the world learn to Knit Without Fear. His popular YouTube channel has over 1,100 tutorials that make knitting simple. He’s praised for his clear, slow instruction that makes it easy to follow along with in real time.

When he’s not knitting he loves watching indie films, playing board games with his buddies, or hanging out at a speakeasy.

He currently lives in Tallinn, Estonia with his wife and five kids.

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