How to Tension Your Yarn When Knitting

This video knitting tutorial will help you learn how to tension your yarn when knitting. I get a lot of questions about how I hold my yarn when I knit. There are many ways to hold your yarn. This is just one way. If you have another way that works for you don’t feel like you need to change. This method will work for both english style and continental style knitting. Having good tension will make your knitting more even and even help you knit faster.

Skill: Beginner


Step 1: Pick up your working yarn close to the working needle by scooping it up with the pinkie of your dominant hand.
Step 2: Wrap the working yarn around your pinkie, going under and in-between your pinkie and ring finger.
Step 3: Wrap the working yarn over your ring finger.
Step 4: Wrap the working yarn under your middle finger.
Step 5: Wrap the working yarn over your index finger.

Keep your hand closed to put tension on the yarn and open your fingers to let slack come through as you knit.

Here is what the yarn should look like threaded through your fingers:
How to Tension Yarn When Knitting (front)
How to Tension Yarn When Knitting (back)

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