The Fan Stitch

How to Crochet the Fan Stitch

This video crochet tutorial will help you learn how to crochet the fan stitch. Fan stitches come in all kinds of sizes, but always create a scalloped shape. They are often confused with shell stitches, but they have a few distinct differences. They are incorporated into many stitch patterns.

Materials Used in this Tutorial

Imperial Yarn Tracie Too

Imperial Yarn Tracie Too

Tracie Too is a worsted spun version of Imperial’s popular woolen spun Tracie Yarn. With a very soft hand it knits up in a lovely lofty fabric. At 395 yards per skein, this yarn is a great choice for single skein shawl and sock projects. Available in eight rich colors as well as Natural.

Addi Comfort Grip Crochet Hook

Addi Comfort Grip Hooks

The famous Addi Comfort Grip hook, featuring color-coded handles for ease of organization. Perfect for those seeking an ergonomic hook!


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Skill: Advanced Beginner


  1. Fan Stitches are created by crocheting more than twice into the same stitch. They differ from shell stitches in two ways:
  2. 1

    Fan stitches have a least one chain space in between the stitches. This can either be separating each stitch, or at one point in the stitch.

  3. 2

    Fan stitches are almost always stacked in columns one on top of the other.

Swatch Photos

Example of the Fan Stitch

Example of the Fan Stitch (Click for Larger)

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