The Extended Half Double Crochet (EHDC)

About this Stitch Pattern

The Extended Half Double Crochet Stitch is a variation of the Half Double Crochet, but we add an additional step in the process of making the Half Double Crochet that gives more height to the stitch, and a different texture.

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Techniques Used In This Stitch Pattern

Stitch Pattern Details

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Row Count

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Stitch Pattern Instructions

  • Step 1: Yarn over hook.
  • Step 2: Insert hook from front to back through stitch to be worked.
  • Step 3: Yarn over hook.
  • Step 4: Draw loop through fabric.
  • Step 5: Yarn over and draw through first loop only, forming a chain stitch.
  • Step 6: Yarn over and draw through remaining loops on hook.

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