The Difference Between A Cluster And A Decrease :: Crochet Tip #26

Crochet Cluster VS Decrease

Clusters VS. Decreases

If you have not been crocheting very long it’s easy for certain techniques to be confused with each other. Two that are often mixed up are clusters and decreases. While both of these elements have similar methods of creation, they have completely different purposes.

The Definition of a Decrease

A decrease is a method of removing stitches from your crochet fabric

A decrease takes two or more stitches and makes them into one stitch. Decreases are most often used for shaping fabric, such as the top of a hat or the sleeves a sweater.

The Definition of a Cluster

A cluster is a collection of three or more stitches that form a bobble like texture in your crochet fabric

A cluster differs from a decrease in that all of the stitches are performed in one stitch, and then worked together at the top as one stitch. This closing of the stitches at the top forces the posts of the stitches below to protrude out.

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