Real Men Knit

In 2010 I was browsing the interwebs when I came across The Fibershed Project. The lady who started the program, Rebecca Burgess, had set out to source all of her clothing, from start to finish, from within 150 miles of her home. In the process she had a knit hat made. I had never seen a knit accessory that looked so stylish.

Inspired by the idea of being more connected to my clothing, I decided to pick up knitting, with the hopes of making myself a sweater. I headed down to Wal-Mart and bought a Boye Teach Yourself to Knit Kit for $10, two balls of Caron Simply Soft, and went to work. I found it quite challenging at first to get the hang of holding the yarn properly and trying to purl. But eventually I figured it out with a little help from YouTube.

Little did I know that I would develop such a passion for all things fiber arts. Even though my grandma is a prolific crocheter, and my great grandma was a heavy weaver and spinner, I had never been that drawn to the craft. Now it consumes my life and has become my business. I am constantly learning new things in the fiber world and strive to share them with others.

Since December 2011 I have been teaching knitting and crochet at Michaels and am in the process of being certified as an instructor through the Craft Yarn Council. I am also working on my Master Knitter Certification from The Knitting Guild Association, as well as designing knit and crochet wear, and hosting Fiberstory.TV and the Yarn Tripper podcast with my wife, Lacie Lynnae.

While I’m knitting I love to watch movies. When I’m not knitting I enjoy playing games with my family, volunteering, and helping other people build their small businesses.