Sweater Knitting Challenge: Day 6 – Knitting Speed

It’s day 6 of our 30 Day Sweater Knitting Challenge, and today I’ll be talking about how to measure your knitting speed.

My Movie Pass is getting a lot of use! I just saw Keanu (a movie about a couple of guy who take on a gang to save their kidnapped kitten) and it was pretty funny. And I got a lot more knitting done!

But I’m still finding that it’s taking longer than expected to get all of my knitting done each day.

How did I figure this out?

I’m glad you asked…

How To Measure How Fast You Knit

Ok here’s the formula I used in my video:

Pick one of the following options

A: Knit 60 stitches and time how long it takes using a stop watch

B: Knit for two minutes without stopping. Then count your stitches.

If you chose option A, you’ll take the number of seconds you were knitting and divide by 60.

If you chose option B, you’ll take 120 and divide it by the number of stitches knit.

NOTE: Do not knit fast. Knit at your normal relaxed pace, since this is more closely like you will be knitting throughout.

Here’s the equations written out:

A: _____ number of seconds knit ÷ 60 sts = _____ sts per sec
B: 120 ÷ _____ number of stitches knit = _____ sts per sec

If you have the time, you might want to do this three times and then average the results.

Now we want to find out how long it takes to knit a row. That formula looks like this:

_____ sts per sec X _____ number of sts cast on = _____ sec per row

Then we’ll figure out how long it takes to knit an inch of fabric. That formula looks like this:

_____ sec per row X _____ rows per in (gauge) = _____ sec per inch

Finally we’ll multiply your sec per inch by the number of inches you need to knit each day:

_____ sec per inch X _____ in per day = _____ sec per day

Then we’ll divide our sec per day by 60 sec and then again by 60 minutes:

_____ sec per day ÷ 60 = _____ min per day

_____ min per day ÷ 60 = _____ hours per day

There ya go! It looks like a lot of math, but it’s mostly filling in numbers and can all be done with a calculator.

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16 Inches In

Things are going well and my project has become a bit heavier.

My hands have started getting used to knitting so much again and I’m keep my project out so I can pick up and knit a row when I have a chance.

TIP: Always finish the row. It makes life a lot easier and gives you a small sense of completion. Yay for small wins!

Johnny's 30 Day Sweater Diagram Day 6

Half way through the back!

It looks like I’m actually knitting something significant now!

Here’s my progress so far:

30 Day Sweater Progress Day 6

16 inches. A little more than 1/2 done!

Next Steps

We’re more than 1/2 of the way finished with the back of the sweater!

Tomorrow is a rest day, and there’s just some regular knitting on Day 8, so I’ll be back on Day 9 when we start shaping the arm holes.

Want to join me in the 30 Day Sweater Challenge? Feel free to follow along with your own pattern OR you can use the 30 Day Sweater Course to design your own custom fit sweater like me.

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