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Special Announcement – Halos of Hope Great Buzz

Halos of Hope Great Buzz

My friend Pam Haschke started Halos of Hope to help cancer patients who had lost their hair as a result of treatment. 1,000’s of hand knit and crocheted hats have been donated since the charity began. The problem is, it costs a lot of money to ship those hats to hospitals around the country. So Pam has teamed up with some great folks to raise some money.

Benjamin Levisay is the CEO of XRX, Inc. which puts on the Stitches Expos, Mark Moraca, co-owner of Kollage Yarns, and Drew Emborsky “The Crochet Dude”, have banded together for a special event.

It’s called The Great Buzz and one of these guys is going to get his head shaved Live on stage at Stitches East on October 13th. And you get to vote for who gets shaved.

All you have to do is go to and pick who you want to save, or shave. Each vote requires a donation of $10 or you can vote to shave them all for $20. Plus you can win a bunch of great prizes.

But we’re going to sweeten the pot a little.

Sidewinder Short Row Beanie

We’re releasing a new hat pattern this weekend called Sidewinder that will be selling for $5.

However, If you donate and email us a copy of your receipt, we’ll send you a copy of the pattern completely free when it is released.

So you get to help a great cause, win some prizes and get a free pattern!

AND . . .

If New Stitch Nation can donate a total of $500 by 12noon EST on Oct 13th, I will shave my beard (it’s the only hair I have left on my head) which I haven’t done in more than 3 years!

So head over to and vote now!


Johnny and the NSAD Team

P.S. If you want to donate a hat and would like a free pattern just email me and I’ll send you a copy of my Gridiron Beanie.